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native new yorker
weekends are long island a dirt road leading to a beach.

words, have a habit of welling up inside me to tumble as they do here, with frequency.
the words signed with my name, are my own.

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it shouldn't be exclusively about hot sex or countless orgasms..
it should be about the essence of the person and how and why the two of you have connected.
you can be in bed with someone who is technically amazing.
but without that emotional connection..
it means absolutely nothing.
and that is basically the reason why so many relationships have a short life..
because it’s based upon sex and not emotion.
and this is the tricky part..
we are wired biologically to reproduce.
we are also wired emotionally to connect.
should one take preference to the exclusion of the other?
or are they both meant to run concurrently?
~ beautflstranger
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when you get home a bit earlier than he does..

send a text that dinner will be ready and waiting on the table..

~ beautflstranger

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Early Autumn Morning Long Island…

The ocean, as restless as you are..

as you walk barefoot along the damp cold sand.

not quite giving into the season

in white jeans and an oversize sweater

find that perfect spot nestled up against the dunes..

windblown and pensive..

good morning Tumblrs…

come and join me..

we can watch the daybreak…

thank all of you for following..

beautflstranger xo

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